You like tech, business and mindfulness?

I'm a tech enthusiast / student / writer / maker.

What I do & love

Photography & Film

I love to create and design visuals for all sorts of occasions.

Business & Strategy

Managing side projects, teams & strategies.

Mindset & Lifestyle

Life is more diverse than a single definition of success.


Creating is hard, I know.

We all want a fresh looking website, great visuals and exceptional content that we can share with the world. The truth is, it’s not that simple. Since everyone shares a ton of stuff with the world, this environment has become noisy. We feel overwhelmed. But I believe everyone can find a unique way to create exceptional projects.


Hey, my name is Louis.

I know it’s hard to create in a meaningful way no matter if it’s a website, visuals or business projects. Since I was 14 year old, I’ve become obsessed with creating in all sorts of areas. Today, I’ve worked with many different clients and helped them reach their goals by creating exceptional brands, websites and visuals.

Folks I've worked with

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An der Zinkhütte 8
51469 Bergisch Gladbach