Where Ideas Come From

Jul 9, 2024

I've been pondering the origin of ideas and what distinguishes those with an endless stream of them from those who struggle to generate new thoughts. After years of contemplating this question, I've developed a distinct perspective on the matter.

In my experience, ideas emerge from a higher, creative plane, rooted in something beyond our rational minds. When you speak with creatives, they often say it's not them coming up with ideas, but rather that ideas find their way to them. Frequently, they can't pinpoint or articulate where exactly an idea originated.

If you study writers in the field, like Seth Godin or Steven Pressfield, they often describe the process of getting ideas as a highly spiritual practice. It requires awareness and presence. If you're fortunate, ideas will come to you. But you don't create them; you receive them.

I've found this to be true in my own experience. I practice meditation and self-awareness daily, becoming more present and aware of myself and the world around me. Through this awareness and attention to the present moment, I'm able to notice and sense new ideas easily. It's like feeling a genuine connection to a different plane of life - a creative plane. When ideas come, I never attribute them to my own brilliance, but rather to the world around us, the universe. I'm simply the one who receives and notices these ideas. I didn't create them.

This may sound spiritual and disconnected from reality to some. However, after years of working creatively, meeting many outstanding creatives, and studying the subject, I believe this to be true. Ideas aren't created by anyone but received by someone. Receiving ideas requires awareness, control of your ego, and establishing a connection to the creative plane. This is available to anyone but requires practice in self-awareness and evolution of the sense of self.