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Learning to be a student, again.

We need to learn to ask questions about the world around us and appreciate the gift of curiosity-driven education.

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Screw lesser goals and achieve the things you only dream about.

The surprisingly simple agreement you need to make to achieve your most ambitious goals.

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Certainty of misery.

People prefer the certainty of misery to the misery of uncertainty

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Chase idiosyncrasy.

In a world that domesticates us to be ordinary, idiosyncrasy is the solitary path to remarkable results.

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Learned helplessness: Why you don't live your dream-life (yet).

The reason why people don't live the life they desire.

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Book Review: The Practice - Shipping Creative Work by Seth Godin

Shipping creative work is increasingly relevant in today's world. But why do so many people fail? Find what to do about it.

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My yearly reflection: A personal note from 2020 to my future self.

Reflecting on the last year is a powerful tool to rethink what is important to you. Here's my attempt.

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20 life lessons from a 20 year-old.

Learn about the 20 most influential life lessons for me that had an enormous impact on my development.

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Fuck tomorrow. Live today.

Why focusing on today is the best strategy to make a change.

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Time to slow down

Learn why making a change in your perspective on life can have a huge impact on your happiness.

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The secret to generating impressive results in your marketing team.

Discover how marketing teams can work more efficiently by implementing four simple methods.

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Fucking start - What's holding you back?

What are you waiting for? I mean seriously. You have dreams but you are not executing. Why's that! Discover my view on this in this blog post.

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The influence of our social environment

In this post I'm getting into the reasons why your social environment and the people you surround yourself with are perhaps one of the most important factors in your life.

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The power of ideas and why you should spread yours!

The power of spreading ideas in untouchable. In this quick blog post I'm talking about what the power of ideas really is and how you can start to spread ideas starting today.

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The only thing you need to know about success

Success. A word that is used by so many everyday. But what does success really mean? And more importantly how do we achieve what we strive for and get "successful"? In this post I am briefly trying to dive into these questions and show you my take on success.

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The 30 second habit that will change your life

I recently discovered a quick habit that truly changed the way I perceive meetings & talks I have with people professionally and personally. If you give this one a shot, you will experience that you will be able to listen better, help others in a more meaningful way & ask more relevant questions - yes I believe those 30s after each meeting, talk or significant experience can truly change quite a lot.

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Stop setting new goals, start executing

Recently I’ve been struggling with achieving the goals and targets I set my self. And to be honest, that really sucks. In this post, I share my view on goal setting and provide actionable advice on how I managed to get more meaningful work done than ever.

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