Becoming Yourself

Jun 10, 2024

Becoming one's self can be viewed as a spectrum of differentiation from the masses.

From the day we are born, our life's virtue is to evolve as a person. This evolution involves becoming independent, figuring out who we are, and creating the life we want based on our genuine desires.

The speed and velocity at which this process unfolds vary radically - some never consciously take the first steps and remain on the side of the masses on the spectrum of differentiation. Others fly through the process in their pursuit of themselves.

The idea of differentiation implies that becoming one's self is conditional on being different from the masses, the average. This is true on some dimensions, but not all. The most notable, in my opinion, is the evolution of self-consciousness. The process of "awakening" through mindfulness and self-awareness practices allows you to see the world from a differentiated standpoint compared to the masses. You transition from unintentionally living to intentionally being. This is what differentiates everything you do because the source it is coming from has changed. From the outside, it may look like the same activities, but the quality with which one who is "awake" approaches the activities is vastly different.

If we accept the idea that differentiation is required for a person's evolution, it becomes easier to become independent and leave the tribe. It's a conscious realization that may not translate to full acceptance in your body right away, but it is the starting point for your greatest life to be lived. For a life that is not average, but yours.