May 9, 2024

In the past weeks, I experienced rejection over and over again. As I am bringing the things to life I want to see in the world, I am reliant on other people. Naturally, there's a lot of people I ask for things, propose cooperation, or share ideas. The hardest part about this is if there's not resonance. Sometimes, I don't even get a clear no. Instead, it's silence. This is the hardest form of rejection to me.

My overthinking mind is inclined to think that I am not worthy. That my ideas suck. That I should just stop and do something else. Because no one cares, do they?

After this emotional reaction, the dust settles and I see things clearer. People are busy living their lives and it's not a rejection of me or my idea per se. Rather, it can be bad timing because they are dealing with more important things in their lives. And that is okay.

To make it in anything in this world, you need to overcome rejection easily. It will happen. Insanely often. But it's not a rejection against you or your idea. It's just not the right person for that time. In with such, you can receive it with gratitude and adjust your path. There are a million ways on how you can reach your end goal.