Useful Manifestations

Jun 26, 2024

I recently came across a list of manifestations that I found extremely useful for anyone pursuing their own ideas and creating the life they want.

Often, manifestations get a bad reputation for not being grounded in reality. Many people classify them as useless hacks intended to confuse young, striving individuals. But I believe it's quite the opposite if done right.

Everyone who has achieved something significant attributes their success to some clarity about their future and belief in the journey they were taking. To establish faith in yourself and your future, a practice like manifestation can be useful. It helps program the subconscious mind to pick up things that will get you to the destination you're manifesting. But these manifestations need to be crafted wisely. It's not a magic trick that can make external dreams a reality, but rather a compass to channel internal energy.

Without going on too long about the meta of manifestation, here are the 5 manifestations I found to be useful:

  1. I can do hard things.
  2. I am intelligent and capable of finding solutions, no matter the problem.
  3. I am always learning, evolving, and growing.
  4. I am loved: it is safe for me to share and receive love with others.
  5. I trust myself and my life. This is all serving my highest good.

I have full conviction that believing in the statements above will make your life better. These are fundamental beliefs for which evidence exists supporting their role in success in life, regardless of what success is supposed to mean.