Recipe For Greatness

May 27, 2024

Becoming great at anything isn't complicated.

There is a straight forward way to become great is repetition.

If you do something often enough, it's inevitable that you get great at it. Even if you're not talented, if you put in more reps than anyone else, you will be great.

The way I explain this to myself is that the human brain is optimized for learning. And learning takes place through repetition. So even if you're not blessed with natural ability for a given skill, you can master it through repetition. It may take longer than for others, but eventually you will become great.

What this teaches us about life is that we should optimize for repetition in the pursuits we choose. Only if you can get reps in day in and day out, you have a shot of becoming great at something.

Greatness requires you putting in more repetitions than anyone else. That's it.