Use Simple Language

Jun 12, 2024

When talking to people and conveying ideas, the biggest mistake you can make is using complicated language. Yet, the majority of people take pride in doing so.

Using complicated language is not a sign of intelligence. If you believe your ideas and arguments are only compelling because you make them sound complicated, it proves that your ideas and arguments are weak in the first place.

Even if your intent isn't to make your ideas seem better than they are, it can still happen easily. When you are working on a highly technical project, there are many words you use that don't make sense to the average person. When speaking about these things, your primary objective should be to simplify how you talk about them.

The simpler the language, the more effective your words.

It's challenging, but a valuable skill to practice in writing, speaking, and creating things. The simpler the language, the better. But it takes effort and empathy.

Use simple language.