Life Is About Fulfilling Your Purpose

May 28, 2024

Everything you see in the world serves a purpose.

Tangible or intangible, the idea of evolution ensures that things become more useful by adapting to our world. If something doesn't fulfill a purpose, it may disappear over the course of evolution.

A cow fulfills its purpose of producing milk.

A light switch fulfills its purpose of controlling light.

A river fulfills its purpose of connecting water sources.

Everything in our world has a purpose, and its sole goal is to fulfill it.

The analogy holds true for humans. Everyone has a purpose, even if it might not be clear to everyone, and it may evolve over time. But there is a purpose to be found for everyone. Once found, our sole goal is to fulfill it.

This purpose can be supporting a family, creating useful things for society, educating the next generation, or entertaining your tribe. Everyone has a primary purpose they fulfill.

Once you become aware that life is about fulfilling purpose, everything becomes easier.

You have more willpower to overcome challenges because your actions are connected to a greater purpose.

Your odds of succeeding increase drastically because your efforts are directed towards a greater purpose.

You will walk through life with more joy and happiness because your existence is connected to a greater purpose.

This is what life is all about: getting clear on what your purpose is and then fulfilling it relentlessly.