Did We Lose A Sense Of Self?

May 2, 2024

Today, life for many can feel like living a life not created by one self, but rather living a copy of the mean of the wants of society.

We lost our sense of self.

Few can break free from it. Most are stuck in that world of mimetic desires that aren't their own. Stuck in a life that their surrounding told them to life, not the one they actually want. And it's hard. The world's forces are working against us. Conspiring to destroy the genuine self.

With this loss of character goes along a loss of creativity, innovation, and progress. The world would be a better place if everyone would do the thing they truly love. It would be better from a happiness perspective, but also from a productivity perspective. There's this different type of energy set free if your actions align with the things you love. When you care about what you do.

Today, it feels that many lost their sense of self. How do we re-discover it?