There Is No Destination

Life is constant unfolding without a final destination.

June 16, 2023

Many people treat life like a journey to a destination. An endpoint they want to reach so they can finally be [happy|fulfilled|accomplished|whole|at peace]. Reaching this self-proclaimed destination is conditional to the state they aspire to be in. Before reaching it, the perspective of a destination offers justification for setbacks, suffering, and misery. And it is easy to take mental comfort in this belief.

This model to life to me is a deep fallacy. It is an illusion. A false promise. Instead, life is an infinite journey. There is no place at which to arrive. Rather, life is a constant act of unfolding, insight, enlightenment, defeat, learning, action, victory, reflection, inspiration, love, compassion, empathy.

You would do yourself great disservice if you live your life in the pursuit of a destination. A better (and harder) approach is to learn to take comfort in the constant unfolding of life. Being present, aware of the journey. Aware that there is no destination. Just like a river, there is no destination, only motion. Just like this, you should follow the river of life. And see where it takes you on its journey.