The only thing you need to know about success

Success. A word that is used by so many everyday. But what does success really mean? And more importantly how do we achieve what we strive for and get "successful"? In this post I am briefly trying to dive into these questions and show you my take on success.

What does success mean?

First of all, I get it!

It's tough. Everyone is talking about it. It sometimes seems like the whole world is just caring about this one thing.


Whether your friends are talking about that one guy or girl that achieved great things in the last couple of months or that one role model you admire and think: "How can I be just nearly as successful as them".

But let's try to put all of our societal bias away for one second and focus on what success really is.

I personally believe that success cannot be generalised for everyone. For me it's more like a concept every single one of us has to interpret for themselves. For some, success is being happy and secure in regards to their job, for other it might be helping people in their local communities. No matter what success is to you, don't stress about it! It's more than cool to learn about what that concept really means to you and how you can hit to your ultimate goal aka "success".

"The definition of success is different for every single human, so don't measure yourself compared to others."

Key take-away: Focus on your definition of success and don't let our societal bias about success influence your definition.

One easy concept for success

No matter what your definition of success ended up being, the real challenge is to achieve what you strive for.

It perhaps is a hard and exhausting way for you to get all the way to achieving your goals & being successful but in my opinion it is not even as hard as many of us think it is.

Let me explain:

If you finally think, you've found your personal definition of success *yeah*, it only thing that is separating you from your success is... well guess... you!

That's right! You are the only thing that stands in between you and your goals. So what does this mean for you if you want to achieve your goals?


You have to put in the work & show up everyday. You are the only one in your life that can move the needle for you so please stop making your goals & success dependent on others. You are in charge of your life and that's a good thing!

It's necessary to understand the statement above. If you understand this you perhaps have a more precise view on life and success than most other people.

Key take-away:You are in charge of your success & you are the only one standing between yourself and the goals you want to achieve.

Let's get to work

Feeling hyped? You just wanna go out there and show the world what you got? I like that! There is just one thing you have to keep in mind.


If you just work on your goals for a couple weeks or months, nothing will happen. I know this sounds harsh but it's the truth.

You have to be consistent & patient.

If you show up everyday and work at least for 30 minutes a day (on a bad day) on your success, you will achieve what you strive for sooner or later.

The thing is, for some it takes just a year, for other it takes 20 years but believe, there is nothing more fulfilling in life, than achieving your very own definition of success and all the hard work that is necessary will pay off.

No doubts.

"You win when you fall in love with patience."

Gary Vaynerchuk

Key take-away:If you wanna achieve your definition of success, show up everyday. Be consistent & patient and success will definitely come at some point.


I hope this post inspired you to #1 define your personal definition of success & #2 to not give up on your goals and put in the necessary work for as long as it takes.

If you like this quick post of mine, I would love to hear your thoughts. This is part of my journey to success and I definitely still have a long way to go. But hey, showing up everyday is all that matters!

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