Ship Your Work

The one thing that makes the difference in creative pursuits.

June 1, 2023

As a creative, you have one job: shipping your work.

Sitting down. Making something. Sharing it with the world. Repeat.

If looking at one metric to predict a creative's success, it's always the quantity at which they ship their work.

As Seth Godin puts it "The magic of the creative process is that there is no magic". You need to treat it like a practice.

But shipping your work requires courage.

When showing your work to the world, you are on the hook. Criticism, praise, opinions, judgment, defeat, victory, doubts.

But your job as a creative is to not care. Your craft shouldn't be rooted in the desire of approval. Your craft should be rooted in making something you feel strongly about. Make something for yourself.

If you adopt the latter mindset, you can stop caring what the world thinks and just do the work.

The liberty of shipping without caring about judgment from others is the highest level of achievement for any creative. The other don't care anyways, yet your overthinking mind thinks they do and hence you become stuck.

Your job is to become unstuck. Get back to work, and ship. Every day.

If there's one thing I believe makes all the difference in creative pursuits it's this:

Ship your work.