Fuck tomorrow. Live today.

It's 7am. You wake up. Get your first coffee. Rush to work. Start working. Work some more. Get back home. Cook something. Watch Netflix. Go to sleep.

To many of us, this is what our regular week looks like. We can't wait to finally make it to the weekend to actually do stuff we enjoy.

We always tell ourselves we will change something tomorrow. Not right now. The moment is not perfect. There are too many other important things to take care of. A new opportunity will arise, tomorrow.

But this mindset won't get you far. Your life is not made up of tomorrows. It's made up of todays. So why not focus on today instead?


β€œThe future depends on what you do today.” - Mahatma Gandhi

This might not be comfortable. You might face some uneasy decisions. But what's the point of living for tomorrow? Focus on today. Create the future you want for yourself.

So put away your tablet, phone or computer and start working on your dreams. Tomorrow will come but it will just be another today. So get to work.


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